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The development of tourism becomes an interesting thing with the increasing welfare of the community, the tendency of tourism to be one part of the lifestyle (lifestyle), so that tourism becomes one of the basic needs in addition to clothing and food. In connection with the development of global tourism in Indonesia following the progress in the field of telecommunications, information technology and transformation known as the 4T revolution, namely: Transportation, Telecommunication, Trade and Tourism.

In order to progress in the 4T field, marketing efforts to promote tourism through tourism destination branding strategies. In connection with this the Ministry of Tourism's efforts by issuing a Minister of Tourism Decree Number KM.38 / UM.001 / MP / 2017 concerning the 10 (ten) Branding Logo of Indonesia's Tourism Destinations. The government has set the branding logo for Bali, Bandung, Banyuwangi, Jakarta, Bunaken-Wakatobi-Raja Ampat, Yogyakarta-Solo-Semarang, Lombok, Makasar, Medan, Riau Islands tourism destinations.

The Semarang City Government seeks to elevate the potential and uniqueness of the city of Semarang with a variety of strategies through culinary tourism destination branding programs associated with marketing communications related to the tourism sector. Branding Strategy makes the Semarang City brand, which can provide memories and easy to remember. This can be realized if the value of a city is packaged into a brand whose results can meet the expectations of the community, in accordance with the actual conditions of the city.

The research method used is descriptive qualitative with SWOT analysis. Data collection techniques with interviews. Secondary data were obtained from the Semarang Local Government official website and other documents (statistics).

The conclusion of the branding strategy associated with communication includes the primary communication of the City of Semarang city branding involving the Semarang City Culture and Tourism Office, Semarang Tourism Official, and supported by academics, researchers, the tourism industry.

Secondary communication is related to the efforts and policies taken by the Semarang City Culture and Tourism Office in marketing city branding.

Tertiary communication consists of community response to the branding of Semarang as a culinary tourism destination, media responses to the branding of Semarang City,

Suggestions need to be strategically planned and institutional

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