Synergy Between Corporate Strategy and State Ideology of Indonesia

  • Koes Indrati Universitas Pelita Bangsa Bekasi, Indonesia
  • Bambang Tri Cahyono Universitas Pelita Bangsa Bekasi, Indonesia
  • Agung Martono Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Jakarta, Indonesia
Keywords: Synergy Corporate, Strategy, State Ideology, Indonesia


This research is motivatedby the still low implementation of the State Ideology-basedstrategy in Indonesia which is the object of research, especially at the point ofimplementing thevision of the company in incorporating elementsofGodvalues.Based on the above background, this study intends to find out theextent of mutual influence between the factors of conventional strategy, namelyvision, mission, strategy, tactics and effort.Furthermore, this study also discusses theinterplay between the basic values of the State Ideology, namely the values of God,Humanity, Unity, Society, and Social Justice.From these two things, this study triesto combine and compare the effectiveness of both conventional strategy constructsand State Ideology-based strategies. Hypothesis 1 Test Results there is a positive andsignificant influence between the value of the Joint Vision and the JointConventional-State Ideology Corporate Mission.This research resulted in the findingthat the combined vision of the company had a positive and significant effect on thecombined mission of the company with a beta coefficient of0.821and a coefficient ofdetermination of 0.657. This means that each increase in vcombined contents with 1unit of scale will increase the combined mission with 0.821scale units.The results ofthis combined vision coefficient explain 66 percent of the combined mission of thecompany, while the remaining 34 percent are explained by other variables outside thisregression equation system. The combined vision values discussed in this study are acombination of the company's conventional vision and the State Ideology-basedvision, which is the one and only divine vision.the combination of the two forms ofvision produced better results than the partial results.This is due to the merging of thetwo sub-indicators that have the highest value in terms of respondent responses.

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