Poverty Reduction Strategy in Jakarta

  • Ika Widiastuti University Krisnadwipayana
Keywords: strategy, Alleviation, poverty


The background of this research is that the economic problems that are being faced by Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, are poverty and inequality. Poverty can be defined as material shortages, social needs, lack of adequate income and wealth. The purpose of this paper is: (1) to find out and discuss Poverty Alleviation strategies, (2) gather information and develop the concept of poverty. The method of this type of research is qualitative research, the data collection techniques using literature study. The conclusion of this paper is (1) Jakarta to date has not been Able to Overcome the problem of poverty Because The large percentage of poor people in Jakarta in September 2017 Reached 3.78 percent Compared to March 2017 is 3.77%. (2) the problem of poverty is very complex. For this reason, the role of the government in reducing poverty needs support from all parties, so that all programs are right on target. (3) To reduce the amount of poverty, it is Necessary to have jobs that must be Increased, Facilitate community access to public services, help the poor by honing Reviews their skills.

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