Analysis of Competitiveness and Export Development Strategy for Indonesia's Creative Economy Sectorin the ASEAN Market

  • Haryadi Jambi University
  • Etik Umiyati Jambi University
  • Sony Tian Dhora Jambi University
Keywords: ASEAN, Export Competitiveness, Accelereation Ratio, Creative Economy, and SWOT Analysis


The main objectives of of this study are (1) to analyze the competitiveness of Indonesian exports in the ASEAN market (2) to formulate a strategy that will be able to support the export competitiveness of Indonesia's creative economy. Revealed Comperative Advantage, Acceleration Ratio, Export Competitveness Index and SWOT analysis (to determine a  creative economy export development strategy by using  Quantitative) were used as tools of analysis. in this study, we focused our examination in the subsectors of architectures, movies, animation and video, craft, culinary, music, fashion, publishing and art. Based on the results of the analysis and discussion, it can be concluded that the development of creative economy exports in the ASEAN market experienced a positive development. The results of the analysis of Revealed Comparative Advantages (RCA), Acceleration Ratio (AR) and Export Competitiveness Index (ECI) show that all creative economy sub-sectors have competitiveness in the ASEAN market. Crafts and culinary are sub-sectors that have strong competitiveness because they meet all the criteria of the three existing analyzes. Based on the SWOT Cartesian diagram, we conclude that the creative economy sector is in quadrant I which means that the creative economy development strategy is an SO strategy, namely a strategy to use all strengths by taking advantage of opportunities.