COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT INDIGENOUS INDIGENOUS PRINCIPLES OF SUNDA CUSTOMS(Case Study of the Sundanese Indigenous Community of Cireundeu Cimahi Village West Java)

  • Hariri Kurniawan Islamic Community Development Study Program, Raden Intan Lampung State University, Lampung
  • MA. Achlami HS UIN Raden Intan Lampung, Lampung
  • Asef Saiful Muhtadi UIN Sunan Gunung Jati, Bandung
  • Shonhaji UIN Raden Intan Lampung, Lampung
Keywords: Empowerment, Principle Values, Customs


The indigenous individuals of Cireundeu Village can build up the earth by investigating their latent capacity and assets and can engage their kin through the estimations of the standard standards of the Cireundeu Kampung people group, this mirrors another worldview in-network strengthening, the reality of enabling is through the estimations of the traditions and conventions that can autonomously indigenous individuals in meeting their different needs throughout everyday life The reason for this examination is to discover how the usage of the Cireundeu Kampung Indigenous Peoples strengthening process and the Kampung Cireundeu Indigenous Peoples procedure of building an engaging conventional qualities framework. This investigation utilizes a subjective technique with an ethnographic examination approach, information is gathered by methods for perception, meetings, and documentation, at that point, broke down utilizing decrease examination, show, triangulation and reaching inferences.The aftereffects of this investigation found the way that the customary qualities framework found in the indigenous networks of Kampung Cireundeu was shaped from an idea known in the life of indigenous people groups as "Pamali", this idea is a preclusion on something that ought not to be finished. The following procedure is impersonation and adjustment. In light of the aftereffects of the examination of specialists on the usage of the strengthening of indigenous networks in Kampung Cireundeu, strengthening dependent on conventional qualities can be found in the customary networks of Kampung Cireundeu. The standard qualities found in the indigenous network of Cirendeu Village are the wellspring of the formation of a food autonomy framework, which at that point impacts on the government assistance of indigenous people groups, the network becomes free both autonomously in meeting food and financial needs.