The Role of Sambung RosoJavanese Association in Community Economy of Sidodadi Village, Garum District, Blitar Regency

  • Rumanintya Lisaria Putri Accounting Department,Faculty of Economy,Universitas Islam Balitar,Blitar,Indonesia
  • Diana Elvianita Martanti Accounting Department,Faculty of Economy,Universitas Islam Balitar,Blitar,Indonesia
Keywords: Sambung Roso Association, Community Economy, Blitar


This research discusses the role of sambung roso Javanese association in the community economy of Sidodadi village, Garum district, Blitar regency. The data were collected through descriptive qualitative technique involving observation, interview, and data analysis. In analyzing the data, this research adopted interpretation in local culture accounting. Findings show that activities performedby sambung roso associationnot only involveits members but also community around the place where sambung roso members used to gather. Such gathering preserves Javanese local character in terms of performingJavanese cultureactivities. Activities in sambung roso association are full of social meaning; therefore, one of the goals is to play an active role in the community economy in the form of saving and loan. In addition, the existence of “bungkaran” and “amprah” cultures indicate the uniqueness of saving and loan transaction in sambung roso association.