Implementation of Inclusive Education in Indonesia: The Case of Inclusivity Index in SDN 141 Lokajaya Bandung

  • khaerudin yusuf Special Education, UPI, Bandung, Indonesia
  • Dr. Yuyus Suherman, M.Si suherman Special Education, UPI, Bandung, Indonesia
Keywords: Inclusive Education, Inclusivity Index, Curriculum Development


This study examines the implementation of inclusive education
in Bandung, an old city with typical flower in West Java, Indonesia. This
research was conducted at SDN 141 Lokajaya Bandung which has been
an inclusive school since 2018. This research method used a mix method
with an sequential explanatory design. Based on inclusivity index, the
results of this study show that the dimensions of inclusive culture are
82,93%, the dimensions of inclusive policies are 86,53%, and the
dimensions of inclusive practices are 77,96%. The average score of the
inclusivity index in SDN 141 Lokajaya Bandung reached 82,47% which
means very good. Furthermore, qualitative research data is carried to find
out the inclusivity index indicators that get values below 75%. Based on
the findings of the study there needs to be an increase the ability of
teachers in curriculum development that accommodates the diversity of
students needs and allow experts in the field of special education.