Increasing of Solar Cell Output Power in Equator Land By Using Dynamic Control System

  • Agus Sofwan Electrical Engineering Dept Institut Sains,Teknologi Nasional Jakarta
  • Sugeng Electrical Engineering Department Unisma, Bekasi Indosnesia
  • Taufiqur Rokhman Electrical Engineering Department Unisma, Bekasi Indonesia
  • Paridawati Electrical Engineering Department Unisma, Bekasi Indonesia
  • Jamaluddin Electrical Engineering Department Postgraduate,Istn, Jakarta
Keywords: Solar Cell, Module, Renewable Energy, Dynamic and Static.


A varied method for Power output of solar cell measurement will be increased. Energy demand continues to increase as increasing in development and population growth. This paper describes an energy searching method of solar cell by usingdynamic measurement. The measurement was held in Padang as equator land. Solar cell is a piece of semiconductor to change sunlight Intensity to electrical Energy. Solar cell hat advantage, it can generate energy without fuel and noise.This solar cell is to match for rural area. Actually, Solar cell produces maximal power if the sunlight position is exactly vertical on the cellsurface. In this research, a prototype of photovoltaic energy searching on solar cell will be realized to get optimal power. The Position of Solar cell module is operated by DC motor to match the sunlight moving. This step moving module starts from 7.00 o’clock until 17.00. The motor moving from 07.00-08.00 can make 15º angle of module or every hour move module 15º angle. After 18.00 o’clock, the solar cell back moves to the first position to prepare to get a next intensity sun on tomorrow. To measure the power is used static and dynamic method. The research resultthat a dynamic measurement can be found, that the voltage of solar cell module at 07.00~11.00 will be increase from 12,9Volt until 14 Volt and the average voltage is 14.8 Volt at 11.00 ~ 17.00 pm. So, that a dynamitic solar cell module is 14,7% better than static instrument without power efficiency.