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Keywords: Virtual Reality, Marketing, Tour Operators, Covid-19, Tourism


This study highlighted the use of Virtual Reality as a tool for a Tour Operators to promote a destination. During the pandemic of Covid-19 many destinations were not allowed to open for public. Hence, many people who work in the tourism industry were unemployed. Thus, the use of Virtual Reality to keep the destination alive can help people in the tourism industry. In this digital world and fast booming business environment it is imperative to keep up with competitors, thus businesses incorporate new technologies to enhance their products and services. Although, Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality is a relatively new technology that most businesses have started using to give their consumers a better experience of their services. The Tourism Sector has taken this technology to a whole new level. Tour Operators have started using this technology to offer their customers a life like experience of the destination they intend to travel to, prior to their visits. This strategy also helps to promote destinations so that people can still have their holiday at home. As a result, numerous Tour Operators have seen an increase in business as tourists seek out more services that assure them that their decisions are correct. The topic of virtual reality in tourism is as niche as the technology itself, and it can be explored from a variety of angles, including user friendliness, feasibility, cost, and support for businesses. Tourism, being a burgeoning and never-saturating industry, necessitates ongoing innovation to keep travelers interested in taking advantage of all the new services that Travel Agencies and Tour Operators can provide. Thus, the study elucidates the benefits of implementing Virtual Reality in the Tourism Business during the pandemic of Covid-19.