• Giri Nurpribadi,S.T.P., M.M.
  • Erina Rulianti,S.I.P.,M.M.
Keywords: Corporate Strategic, Foreign Exchange, Inflation CPI, Macroeconomics


Indonesia Macroeconomics,focused on the latest information from social media had been clue regarding financial performance which good enough provide significant information.Company condition need strategic to improvement.Issue in develop cause some people as a employer,employee,and all regulations in industrial sector,public sector,etc. Research methods with  Quantitative Research had been data from some references. After gain some data as a result oriented from Journal and else trusty data from international economics. Interpretation and inside ,which analyze and studying more effective and efficient, and also care about research purpose. Conclusion with rational logic,relationship between some data. Research design with BI 7 Day repo rate,and Inflation Consumer Price Index as a independent variable,and Kurs US$_IDR@ as a dependent variables.Using t variables and F simultaneous variable,will provide some description to explain  Kurs US$_IDR if  Rupiahs indicator more strength,Corporation on International Economics scope shall maintain some employee with creative and productive hope.Money Stocks with significant interest rate and people’s purchasing power. t count with inflation Consumer Price Index 4.856 more significant because greater than 4,303 as a t table.

Author Biographies

Giri Nurpribadi,S.T.P., M.M.

Management,FEB, Pelita Bangsa University,Cikarang, Indonesia

Erina Rulianti,S.I.P.,M.M.

Management,FEB,Pelita Bangsa University,Cikarang,Indonesia