• Muhammad Hafeez
  • Sujiyo Miranto
  • Fitriana
  • Johanna YR Watofa
  • Sukemi
Keywords: Effects, Technology Integration, Students’ Learning, Higher Education Level


Information and communication are the two main powers of technology. Technology is essential for social interaction, business, and the economy, as well as for advancing education and meeting the needs of the contemporary information society. Both the quality and quality of instruction are enhanced by the application of technology in the classroom. Technology has a huge influence on higher education's teaching and learning processes since it facilitates both the instructional and learning processes. It makes learning more flexible, individualized, and asynchronous. It also moves the focus of learning from teachers to students, which serves as a catalyst for changes in the classroom, school system, community, and overall framework. It improves student learning, aids in the acquisition of new skills, fosters social mobility, prepares people for global competition, and has a multiplier impact on the entire educational system.  The aim of this review research was to define the effects of technology integration on the students’ learning at higher education level. To achieve the intended objectives of the study, a total of 9 previous published studies were searched on the different databases by defining the inclusion-exclusion criteria. The inclusion criteria were to select only those articles that were related to the impacts of integration of technology on the learners’ learning at higher education level. The exclusion criteria were to select only those articles that have a relationship between the technology integration and students’ learning at higher education level. Only those were selected that have full text accessed. The results of the study indicated that technology integration has a significant effect on the students’ learning at higher education level. So, on the basis of findings of the research, it was recommended that technology must be the part of the learning process to improve the learning of the learners.