• Vip Paramarta
  • Kosasih
  • Farida Yuliaty
  • Almira Luthfiyanti Kosasih
  • M. Rizky Paramarta
  • Sri Rochani Mulyani
  • Taufik Zulfikar
Keywords: Human Resource Management, Practices, Performance, Organization


The globe has seen a rise in globalization in recent years, as several nations' economies are joining forces to foster international trade through connection and technology advancements. The competition in both domestic and international markets has intensified as a result of this upswing, which has further motivated businesses to hire and keep highly skilled employees. Many businesses rely on their staff to provide them an edge in the cutthroat industry. As a result, their effectiveness in managing their human resources and human resources management practices is closely tied to them (HRMP). Human resource planning, strategic hiring, employee training, growth pay management, efficiency, worker relations, health care, employee happiness, and employee service provision are all included in the HRMP. It consists of procedures and guidelines designed to raise worker involvement, organizational effectiveness, and quality of output. The objective this review study was to determine the impact of human resource management practices on the performance of an organization. To achieve the intended objective of the study, a total of 12 published articles related to the impact of human resource management practices on the performance of an organization were searched on different databases by defining the inclusion and exclusion criteria. The articles that have full text access were chosen for the study. The findings of the study indicated that human resource management practices are the strong predictor of the performance of an organization. These practices make the organization to improve its performance and productivity under the challenging working environment. On the basis of the findings of the study, it is recommended that human resource management practices must be employed to achieve the target performance of an organization.