• Robby Purnama
  • Kosasih, Y.Ony Djogo
  • Farida Yuliaty
  • Taufik Zulfikar
  • Sri Rochani Mulyani
  • Fitriana
Keywords: Impact, Advanced Technologies, Accounting Sector


Advancements in technology brought about a shift in the ways that accounting-related duties might be completed, and the use of electronic media for these transactions began. The daily, rapid expansion and development of information technology has resulted in the digital revolution in the fields of economy, society, and culture. The use of technology in accounting has expanded due to advancements in computer technology and the need to generate administrative-purpose data based on integrated accounting information systems for businesses. The market is filled with accounting package software designed for unified accounting systems. Applications for computerized accounting have grown quickly in tandem with unified accounting. The objective of this review study was to find the impact of advanced technologies in accounting sector. To achieve the intended objectives of the study, a total of 11 previous published articles related to the application of advanced technologies in accounting sector were searched on different databases by defining the inclusion and exclusion criteria. The exclusion criteria were to include the articles that are related to the advanced technologies and accounting. The exclusion criteria were not to include the articles that have no link between impact advanced technologies and accounting sector. The study concluded that application of advanced technologies has opened the new horizons in the accounting sector.