Conceptual Design of Spiritual Preneurship as Implementation of “Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka” and Project - Student Centered Base Learning

  • Iwan Satriyo Nugroho Industrial Engineering/ Engineering Faculty University of Islam Nusantara, Bandung
  • Darwin Nahwan Industrial Engineering/ Engineering Faculty University of Islam Nusantara, Bandung
  • Dinny Mardiana Industrial Engineering/ Engineering Faculty University of Islam Nusantara, Bandung
  • Gita Rosiana
  • Rahmat Mulyana
  • Reza Aditya
Keywords: Design, Social Entrepreneurship, Creative Industry


Since the Global Covid 19 pandemic has had an impact on the economy of the people of Cikahuripan Village in Sumedang Regency. People who work as factory workers are sent home. The village government is working with the university, namely the Nusantara Islamic University of Bandung, non-governmental organizations in the field of economic empowerment, and the business world working together to overcome this. The village of Cikahuripan, which is located at the foot of Mount Geulis, has thousands of Mahogany trees, with the right to process them handed over to the Forest Village Community Organization (LMDH). The simple Mahogany wood processing industry is quite developed to produce large amounts of waste. Village human resources who are experts in timber combined with the presence of discarded wood waste are the basis for business feasibility in the creative industry sector made from wood waste. The Nusantara Islamic University Research Institute conducts social entrepreneurship development activities with joint funding sources (crowdfunding). The research which was conducted in Lebak Kaso Hamlet, Cikahuripan Village, Sumedang Regency, West Java Province between April and August 2020 aims to carry out market analysis, business feasibility analysis, product design, financial analysis, work design analysis, digital-based production system design and marketing.The method implemented is descriptive method with primary and secondary data sources. The result is a sociopreneurship learning method in implementing "Merdeka Learning Kampus Merdeka" based on Project - Student Centered Learning. This journal will describe all the results of research, analysis and design of a learning system for the application of Spiritual Preneurship to form a creative industrial production and succeed together in building rural empowerment.