Analysis of Service Quality, Satisfaction, and Loyalty of Customers Using BRI Mobile Banking in Surabaya

  • Bhaswara Candraditya Magister Management of STIE Perbanas, Surabaya, Indonesia
  • Ronny Magister Management of STIE Perbanas, Surabaya, Indonesia
Keywords: Customer loyalty, Service quality, Satisfaction, Mobile Banking


This article discusses customer loyalty as the dependent variable, service quality of mobile banking as an independent variable, and satisfaction with using mobile banking as a moderating variable. This research was conducted by distributing online questionnaires using Google Form, then distributed to all BRI bank customers who use mobile banking. 650 responses were obtained, then 250 were selected for analysis. The statistical method used to test the hypothesis is multiple regression analysis (MRA) using SPSS. The results of the analysis show that customer loyalty is obtained from service quality and customer satisfaction. However, service quality has no impact on loyalty, if moderated by satisfaction.