An Analysis Influence Population Dynamics to Human Development Index in Yogyakarta

  • Giri Nurpribadi Management,FEBIS,Pelita Bangsa University,Indonesia
  • Dodit Ardiatma Environmental Engineering,FATEK, Pelita Bangsa University,Indonesia
Keywords: Human Development Index,Men, Women,Overall Information Technology Skills.


Human Resources Management trending topics as regional Indicator to measure Human Development Index when Government and also Society  developing this parametric best standard. Best standard in Statistics,had been displayed and score in Secondary Data Statistics Central Bureau  as an intention have indication ,which Yogyakarta is good predicate for indicator Human Development Index variables,2016-2019.The development of population in Yogyakarta , including Men Population Special Region in Yogyakarta Province and Women Population Special Region in Yogyakarta Province every year with assumption equality counted every month . Data human development index every year have got illustration so that  all the distance preliminery people to next people more clearly. Data in table have got indicates which the Province problem solving with overall Information Technology Skills from  score 2016 = 49.23 until overall  Information Technology Skills score 2019 = 75.04.Conclusions Regression equation with independent variables population  some significantly in   Yogyakarta Special Region Province with overall Information Technology Skills variable,and Women Population in Yogyakarta Special Region Province variable. F test for First Model 19994.523.,then t test  overall Information Technology Skills for First Model  141.402. Community in Yogyakarta before Pandemic Corona viridae 19 diseases.