The Impact of Office Layout, Work Stress and Management Information Systems on Decision Making is Mediated by Work Productivity for Millennial Generation Employees

  • Aria Mulyapradana Politeknik Pusmanu
  • Mujibul Hakim ITS NU Pekalongan
  • Aghus Jamaludin Kharis Politeknik Pusmanu
  • Farikhul Muafiq Politeknik Pusmanu
  • Aria Efshia Politeknik Pusmanu
  • Ary Dwi Anjarini Politeknik Pusmanu
  • S.Thoriqul Huda Universitas Selamat Sri
Keywords: office layout, work stress, SIM, decision making, work productivity


The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of office layout variables, work stress and management information systems on decision-making variables mediated by work productivity variables. The characteristics possessed by millennial generation employees who are results-oriented, like to collaborate with others, look for jobs that are more appropriate for themselves, interest in the latest information technology to support themselves in their work, flexible working time and a comfortable workplace are factors for millennial employees in choosing a job in a company so that it will have an impact on work productivity in the company where they work. This research uses quantitative methods and descriptive analysis. The number of respondents was 150 millennial generation employees. The analysis in this study used validity and reliability tests, hypothesis testing, multiple regression analysis techniques, mediation effect testing and using multiple regression analysis and using the SPSS version 19 program. mediate the variables of office layout, work stress and management information systems to decision making variables. This means that an attractive workspace decoration can make employees comfortable and a full-featured management information system can increase employee productivity to produce employee work according to the targets set by the company.