Human Resource Development Of Tourism Driving Group (Indonesian: KOMPEPAR) In Supporting Tourist Visits In Ciater Area Subang (Case Study: Kompepar Motekar Jaya Ciater Subang)

  • Silvi Aulia Universitas Subang
  • Tony Pathony Universitas Subang
  • Iwan Henri Kusnadi Universitas Subang
  • Ade Nawawi Universitas Subang
  • Sri Dinarwati Universitas Subang
  • Pitriani Universitas Subang
Keywords: Human Resource Development (HR)


In the midst of the challenges of the Covid-19 Pandemic which are burdensome for the community's economy, then in developing the Tourism Driving Group (Indonesian: KOMPEPAR) Cisaat Ciater Village, Subang Regency really needs to be based on human resources who are able to think and be creative and innovative. To achieve this, of course, it is necessary to develop human resources who are right on target according to the needs and goals of the company. Human resource development is an effort to improve the technical, theoretical, conceptual and moral capabilities of employees in accordance with the needs of the job / position through education and training. Whereas in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, human resource development is the preparation of individuals or groups with a set of information, knowledge and knowledge tools to achieve certain competencies, in order to have new standards of knowledge, attitudes, skills, and responsibilities in developing their business. In this study, researchers used a qualitative descriptive method. The qualitative research method is a research method based on the post-positivism philosophy, used to examine the condition of a natural object, (as opposed to an experiment) where the researcher is the key instrument, the sampling of data sources is done purposively and snowball, the collection technique uses triangulation. ), data analysis is inductive or qualitative, and the results of qualitative research emphasize meaning rather than generalization. The results showed that the human resource development of the Tourism driving Group (Indonesian: KOMPEPAR) of Cisaat Ciater Village, Subang Regency needs attention and improvement. Human resource development related to Leadership Potential and Managerial Decisions must be further enhanced, especially in capturing market opportunities; Human resource development related to the implementation of an orderly financial administration must be held continuously; It is necessary to develop human resources related to employee performance; Human resource development related to employee initiatives must be carried out further, so that potential employee initiatives can be explored again, especially in providing ideas to further increase Motekar Jaya's business productivity; and Human resource development in increasing the potential of human resources in creativity and product innovation must be done, in accordance with the times.