ELF Students’ Speaking Skills: Difficulties and Solutions: A Case at Can Tho University, Vietnam

  • Cao Minh Ky Cao Can Tho University
  • Thai Cong Dan School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Can Tho University, Can Tho City, Vietnam
  • Chau Vinh Thanh School of Foreign Languages, FPT University, Can Tho Campus, Vietnam
  • Thach Chanh Da School of Foreign Languages, FPT University, Can Tho Campus, Vietnam
  • Le Minh Hieu Dong Ha Primary school, Ha Tien City, Kien Giang Province, Vietnam
  • Phu Thi Hong Chau Chau Thanh High school, Kien Giang Province, Vietnam
Keywords: speaking skills, difficulties, solutions, EFL students, Can Tho University


This paper aimed to investigate into the difficulties that many EFL students faced during their English speaking courses at university. It could also hope to provide possible solutions or directions to take into account or at the very least mitigate these problems for EFL students on their process of becoming future fluent English speakers. A survey was conducted on 43 EFL students ranging from freshmen to seniors at Can Tho University (CTU) in order to identify the cores of their problems with suitable solutions to speaking English better. The results showed that the primary cause leading to unfluent speeches in English was the lack of vocabulary needed to convey thoughts and ideas. Fortunately, the key to solving this problem was quite simple and could be applied to every EFL students at any level to have better speaking skills. Based on the findings, the solutions were to be an increase interaction with the language itself and also the improvement of other essential English skills. Also, these solutions could be practiced by EFL students themselves or with the help of English instructors and teachers from various educational institutions.