Non-Military Threats to Sustainable Development through Social Network Analysis in Tourism area, Puncak (Warung Kaleng), West Java Province, Indonesia

  • Gregorius Henu Basworo Jakarta State University
  • Syarifudin Tippe
  • Poppy S. Nurisnaeny
  • Rendy A. Prasetya
Keywords: Tourism, Social Network Analysis, Community Empowerment, Qualitative


Community life in the tourism area of ​​Puncak (Warung Kaleng), Bogor Regency is coloured by the presence of foreign tourists, specifically from Middle Eastern. These foreign tourists have both positive and negative impacts, on one hand economic growth and development, on the other hand the strengthening of the domination of Middle Eastern culture in the Warung Kaleng area, a tourist area located in Puncak, Bogor Regency, West Java Province, Indonesia. It can be defined as one of the non-military threat existed in the area. Using Social Network Analysis approach and qualitative methodology furthered by observation and in-depth unstructured interviews which could elaborate the research conducted. The results obtained are 1) identifying several issues related to content-based relationship which occurred as non-military threats around the tourism areas that in the long run could affect the uniqueness, characteristics and sustainability development from Indonesian perspective. 2) tourism activities can be scoped down from the perspective of social network analysis in order to preserves of the social environment in order to maintain the identity and uniqueness of puncak tourism, Bogor