The Women Candidates without Political Kinship Support: What Capitals Should You Utilize to Win the Election?

  • Andi Ilmi Utami Irwan Department of Political Science/ Social and Political Sciences,University of Indonesia, Depok
  • Sri Budi Eko Wardani Department of Political Science/ Social and Political Sciences,University of Indonesia, Depok
Keywords: Women Representation, Social Capital, Political Capital, South Sulawesi.


The representation of women of South Sulawesi Regional Peoples’ Parliament Council reached 30 percent in the 2019 election, but more than half of them came from political kinship. A large number of women members with political kinship affiliation in three periods from 2014-2019 is the consequence of political patriarchy domination in South Sulawesi. Politics and elections were only for men. Women can access as they came from high-level families, dynasty, and politician leaders’ families. Although women without kinship support have small electability, two women candidates from non-political kinship won in the 2019 election. This research wants to analyze how the two women candidates without political kinship support can utilizing their capital to secure the seat in their first election.  The research method is qualitative with a case study, the data were collected through in-depth interviews with two women of South Sulawesi parliament members, political party leaders, campaign teams, and organization leaders from the electoral districts of the candidates. The research uses the theory of social capital from Robert D. Putnam. The findings reveal that those candidates utilized their connection with the social and religious base community leaders. They came from a big family network, and their closure with grass-root can encourage their votes. The religious persona of both candidates affected support from voters. They can build connections with political figures to facilitated their candidacies. Their serial number placement in ballot paper did not have a significant influence. The economic capital has not given large contributions for building their popularity.