Improving Students’s Vocabulary mastery through “Esvoc” game (a classroom action research)

  • Winarsih English Department/Teacher Training Faculty,Balitar Islamic University
  • Abdu Pandu Kusuma Information and Technology Department / Balitar Islamic University
  • Hesty Puspita Sari English Department/ Teacher Training Faculty,Balitar Islamic University
Keywords: game, vocabulary


This research is purposed to solve the classroom problem in improving students’s vocabulary mastery trough game. The research is conducted in SMP Anharul Ulum Blitar for grade seventh.The game applied in this research was made by the researchers themselves. It is an “EsVoc” game stand for Escapade game, where the students play the game by running the icon and get the meaning of the word. The game application was created to help the students easily learn vocabulary, improve their vocabulary mastery and enjoy their English learning. To cater a new way to overcome this issue, a classroom action research focusing on improving students’ vocabulary mastery through game. The finding exemplify that the students show better vocabulary enrichment on the second research cycle.