Strengthening the Tourism Promotion Strategy in Priority Destinations for Lake Toba

  • Marhanani Tri Astuti Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy / Strategic Study of Tourism and Creative Economy, Jakarta
Keywords: Lake Toba promotion, branding destinations, priority destinations


Tourism sector has a positive impact on the economy, environment, and socio-culture both locally and nationally. One indicator of the success of tourism performance is the increase in the number of foreign and domestic tourist visits. Lake Toba is one of Indonesia's tourist destinations that has the charm of natural and cultural beauty. Lake Toba is designated as a priority destination in Indonesia. The number of foreign tourist visits to Lake Toba reached 270,292 people in 2017. However, in the following year, foreign tourist arrivals decreased 14% to 231,465 people. Likewise, domestic tourist visits reached 14.04 million in 2017, and decreased to 12.14 million people. Therefore, efforts are needed to increase tourist visits by strengthening tourism promotion strategies in Lake Toba Priority Destinations. This study uses a qualitative descriptive methodology. Data collection is done through literature study, research reports, and other sources. The results of the research required efforts to strengthen tourism promotion strategies in Lake Toba Priority Destinations, including through branding destinations. Promotional efforts carried out by the government through destination branding programs can include the Tourism Association, academics, media and the public.