Inactive Archive Storage System at the Archival Service Record Center and the Bekasi District Library

  • Neneng Fauziah FakultasI lmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik /Universitas Islam 45, Bekasi
  • Senda Nur Shabrina Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik /Universitas Islam 45, Bekasi
  • Ratna Emaliah Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik /Universitas Islam 45, Bekasi
Keywords: Archival Service,Inactive Archive, Storage System


This study aims to determine: Describe how the dynamic inactive archive storage system at the Bekasi District Archives and Record Center Service Center, Describe the obstacles faced in the inactive dynamic archive storage system at the Record Center of the Archives Service and Bekasi District Library. The research methods I use are: Data collection methods used are interviews, observation, literature study. In this study the authors analyzed the data descriptively, which is describing the object's surroundings in part at a time. Inactive Storage Systems include: Types of Inactive Records, Inactive Records Storage Systems, Inactive Records Storage Procedures, Principles of Storage, Maintenance of Inactive Records. Constraints encountered in the inactive archive storage system include: File is not managed, there is no list of files on the processing unit, inadequate facilities.Research has concluded that the inactive archive which is on the records center for the archive service and bekasi district library has not been consistent with the general requirements that refer to the preferred standard of procedure Numbers 045/ARPUS-007/R.00/2017 Inactive archive transfer. The inactive archive archive record center and bekasi county library have largely matched the soup (standard operational procedure). A good storage system would facilitate the rediscovery of files on existing office activities. The archive and bekasi county library service have followed current inactive storage procedures. Record the archive service center and the bekasi county library already followed the current inactive storage procedures. The principle used in the kearns service and bekasi county library is to use the centralized principle, Evidenced by the existence of record room central to the central archive. Archivist service record center and bekasi county library have not yet been fully carried out according to the archivist maintenance schedule.