Risk Analysis of Harvest Faults Based on Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Approach of Plantation in Wacopek, Bintan Timur District

  • Dwi Septi Haryani Management Department/Management, STIE Pembangunan,Tanjung Pinang
  • Risnawati Management Department /Management,STIE Pembangunan,Tanjung Pinang
  • Nanda Kristia Santoso Management Department /Management,STIE Pembangunan,Tanjung Pinang
  • Sri Kurnia Accounting Department /Management,STIE Pembangunan,Tanjung Pinang
Keywords: Risk, Plantation, Harvest Fault, Enterprise Risk Management


The purpose of the research is to analyze and identify the risk of the failed harvest of vegetable plantations, the impact as well as the actions that need to be taken as a anticipation and prevention of the risks in the plantation business. This research belongs to a qualitative descriptive research approach. The location of the research is at Wacopek village, Kijang City of East Bintan District, Bintan Regency. The data collection techniques used in this study are interview and observation. The results show that there are several types of risks that can cause the occurrence of failed crops in WacopekPlantationobtained from the results of risk identification.The level of risk experienced by WacopekPlantation ranges from low to high severity.Therefore, to anticipate risks that can arise, the plantationrequires proper risk mitigation that is adjusted to the priority by looking at impact level.