Implementation of Total Productive Maintenance to Increase Productivity (Case study: An Injection Manufacturing Company Located in Delta Silicon Industrial Area)

  • Hamdan Amaruddin Management, PelitaBangsa University, Indonesia
  • Elsa Rahmat Saputra Production/Injection Mfg., Delta Silicon Area, Indonesia
Keywords: Total Productive Maintenance, Productivity, Overall Equipment Effectiveness


In the world of industry, machinery is one of the main factors needed in production activities. The machine is always required to be in a prime state, especially when the company's sales conditions are good, but unfortunately along with usage, the machine will certainly experience a decrease in performance if there are no maintenance activities applied to the machine. The purpose of this research are(a) to find out the success rate of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) implementation in a plastic manufacturing company located in Delta Silicon Industrial Area; (b) to find out the problems that arise during the implementation of TPM and (c) to find out how to solve the problem. The method used in this research is calculating the success value of TPM implementation by using Overall equipment Effectiveness (OEE) calculation, and then following by analyzing the problem using six big losses analysis and TPM implementation analysis. The results showed that score of TPM achieve an average OEE rate of 93%. This rate is higher thanminimum standard value of OEE itself which isdetermined at 85%. From the calculation of six big losses it is known that the highest problem is caused by downtime losses. It took 53% of the total losses incurred.