How the Government Role in Utilizing Dutch Colonial Buildings as Potential Tourism Objects: A Comparative Study in Bandung and Padang City

  • Henry H. Loupias Faculty of Arts and Literature, Universitas Pasundan, Bandung
  • Yenni Jufri Business Administration Study Program,STIA LPPN,Padang
  • Dian Rizke Public Administration Study Program,STIA LPPN,Padang


Dutch colonial buildings are scattered in many cities in Indonesia with a mixed architectural style called the Indies style, which is a blend of European architecture with local Dutch East Indies architecture. This study intends to examine how the roles and regulations of local governments in exploiting this potential, particularly as a tourist attraction. The research method is a comparative study between colonial buildings in Padang City and Bandung City. The results showed that this potential has not been utilized for tourism objects optimally. Many buildings in the city of Bandung are used as commercial places such as cafes, restaurants and hotels. This change in function has caused the building to lose its artistic and historical value. Meanwhile, in the city of Padang, many buildings are dirty and neglected, thus destroying the city's aesthetics.The factor is difficult to use the building because many buildings are private property Local governments mostly use these buildings for offices, museums and public facilities. However, this potential has not been widely used for tourism objects.