Perceived Organizational Support Has an Impact on Employee Creativity

  • Amalia Students of Management Doctoral Programs/ Economic,Sriwijaya University,Palembang
  • Badia Perizade Management Department/Economic,Sriwijaya University,Palembang
  • Taufiq Management Department/Economic,Sriwijaya University,Palembang
  • Zunaidah Management Department/Economic,Sriwijaya University,Palembang
Keywords: Employee creativity, Perceived organizational support


The study of employee creativity is one of the trendy popular study in a few decades. This study discuss perceived organizational support is seen as having an important influence to increase employee creativity inthe company. Employee creativity is one competitiveness of company to compete with others company. This research used qualitative approach with descriptive methods. The aims of study is to describe about employee creativity in organizational. This study ex-plains relationship model between perceived organizational support and its im-pact on employee creativity in organizations. Our findings show that Employees with high perceived organizational support show greater creativity. However, one point of view oforganizational behavior that is interesting to discuss about em-ployee creativity in organizational behavior. This research uses descriptive meth-od, which explains the relationship model between perceived organizational sup-port impacts on employee creativity.