Cartoon Memes as Media for Language SkillsLearning Based on Character Education

  • Agnira Rekha Universitas Tidar, Magelang, Indonesia
  • Firstya Evi Dianastiti
Keywords: Character education, Learning media, Social media, Cartoon meme


Social media frees its users to upload any photo or image which is then accompanied by a caption. The rise of the use of social media then sparked the emergence of creativity in the form of memes, both memes made from photographs of people, certain places and events, or those visualized through forms and or characterizations of cartoons. The nature of the meme itself is footage from television shows, films, etc. or homemade images that are modified by adding words or writings for humorous and entertaining purposes. The massive use of Instagram social media and the distribution of cartoon memes in it can be used as learning media. Teachers can use cartoon memes on social media as learning mediathat are not only able to improve student skills according to learning indicators but also become a means of strengthening student character education. The purpose of this study is to describe the implementation of cartoon memes asmediafor learning writing skills. The chosen meme is a cartoon meme that is culturally charged and has good politeness.