Role Master Education Islam in Enhancing the Qur’an Tahfidz at Integrated Islamic Elementary School Insan Aulia Mustika Jaya Sub-district Bekasi

  • Yayat Suharyat Universitas Islam 45
Keywords: Role of Islamic Teachers, Motivation, Tahfidz Qur’an


This study aims to analyze the role of Master PAI in improving Tahfidz in SDIT Insan Aulia in the year 2018 and knowing the steps that teachers PAI in improving Tahfidz students. The method used in this research is to use a qualitative approach with descriptive analysis methods through field research. Data collection techniques used in this study are observation, interview, and documentation. Checking or checking the validity of the data using credibility. This criterion is used to prove that the data or information obtained indeed contains truth values. The techniques performed include; Careful observation, Triangulation, Hold a member check. The results showed that teachers of Islamic education play increase Tahfidz Quran SDIT Aulia Insan five as compiler and regulator, as for motivator as a director, as the initiator and teacher of teachers as a companion. Supporting factors in increasing Tahfidz Al Qur’an PAI SDIT teacher Insan Aulia Mustika Jaya is the existence of ongoing guidance in schools so that students who are experiencing difficulties experiencing Tahfidz Al Qur’an can be overcome. The results of efforts to improve Tahfidz al-Quran can be seen from students' increased ability, which previously had not memorized, an increase in memorization levels, which was grade III memorized target of only 60% now reaching 90%, and an increase in the results of Tahfidz tests by students.


Author Biography

Yayat Suharyat, Universitas Islam 45

Graduate Program / Magister Of Islamic Education