Marketing Strategy of "Kampung Batok" as A Craft Tourism Destination in Blitar

  • Bina Andari Faculty of Social Science and Politics, Islamic University Balitar, Balitar
  • Hery Suprayitno Faculty Economics,Management Program Study, Islamic University Balitar, Balitar
Keywords: Marketing Strategy; Marketing Mix; Tourism Village


The purpose of this study is to determine marketing strategy of "Kampung Batok" Tanjungsari Village, Sukorejo Sub-District, Blitar. In addition, the purpose of this research is to find out whether in Kampung Batok as craft tourism village, Tanjungsari Village, Sukorejo Sub-District, Blitar, the implementation of marketing mix has been running effectively or not. Research methods conducted using a qualitative approach. This method is carried out after all the data needed has been collected, then arranged systematically and explained using words. The data which processed using qualitative methods are data obtained from the field in the form of information, photographs relating to the condition of Kampung Batok craft Tourism Village and marketing strategy, include describing the results of interviews with the tourism manager of Kampung Batok Tourism Village. After the collection process, the data is analyzed descriptively using the SWOT approach. The results of this study are the strategies that have been implemented are effective, it needs a little updating so that tourism village can continue to develop, by using a SWOT analysis can be found the marketing strategies obtained that can be applied, namely the packaging strategy of tourism products, strategies in terms of promotion, repositioning strategies, and strategies in serving the best service for tourists.