Analysis of the Need of Augmented Reality (AR) Based Learning Media for the Procedure Text Material

  • Theresia Pinaka Ratna Ning Hapsari aculty of Indonesia Language and Literature Education,TidarUniversity, Magelang
  • Ayu Wulandari Faculty of Indonesia Language and Literature Education,TidarUniversity, Magelang
Keywords: analysis of needs, learning media, procedure text, augmented reality


Learning media is one of the most important aspects that support success in a learning process. In the current 21st century, interesting learning media are technological-based, fit with the life of millennial students, and view the development of 4.0 industrial revolution era. In learning procedure text, the students will be more interested in the media innovation to help generate their ideas in writing. This research aims to analyze the need for technology-based learning media for Bahasa Indonesia teachersand VII grade students of junior high school in the procedure text material in Magelang city. This is a qualitative descriptive research with the data collection techniques carried out include questionnaire and interviews. The data are in the form of curriculum analysis, procedure text material, and the students’ characteristics which are analyzed interactively. The results show that: (1) the entire material is in accordance with the competence standards, basis competencies, and indicators of the 2013 Curriculum; (2) the students have difficulty in understanding linguistic material in the form of written texts; (3) the level of creativity gives rise to ideas, and the students’ ability to switch ideas into the written form is still low; and (4) the learning media used are still conventional. Therefore, the teachers and the students need the development of technology-based learning media that can help them to be more active and creative in writing procedure texts.