Effects of Individual Characteristics, Job Characteristics and Organizational Characteristics on Job Performance and Its Impact on Employee Career Developmentat PT. Aksata Satya Pratama Jakarta

  • Aria Mulyapradana Polytechnic Pusmanu, Pekalongan
  • Ary Dwi Anjarini Polytechnic Pusmanu, Pekalongan
Keywords: Individual Characteristics, Job Characteristics, Organizational Characteristics, Job Performance, Career Development


In the organization or company employees become one of the most important factors, without the employees of the organization or company can’t carry out organizational activities to achieve the expected goals. To achieve the desired expectations, the company must pay attention and increase the potential of employees. The purpose of this study is to determine whether or not there is an influence between individual characteristics, job characteristics and organizational characteristics of work performance and their impact on employee career development at PT. Aksata Satya Pratama Jakarta. As many as 34 employees of PT. Aksata Satya Pratama Jakarta is used as the population in this study. The analysis technique in this study uses quantitative analysis. This study shows the results where the probability of each variable> 0.05 is the absence of influence with a significance of 0.811 between individual characteristics with work performance and significance of 0.053 between individual characteristics with direct employee career development, while job characteristics with employee career development are not there is a significant positive effect of 0.419, for organizational characteristics with work performance results obtained a significant influence of 0,000, for organizational characteristics with employee career development showed no significant effect of 0.087 and the last work performance with employee career development showed a significant influence amounting to 0.011.