Analysis of Ecotourism Sustainability Factor Among a Thousand Island Mangrove Populations

  • Hamzah Muhammad Mardi Putra Faculty of Management, Pelita Bangsa University, Cikarang
Keywords: PerceptionofEcotourism; Sustainability, ThousandIsland


The objective of this study is to analyze difference of variable before and after of the impact eco tourism factor with dependent samplest-test. This resear chuses quantitative methods throughfield surveys of a sample size of 40 respondents taken from a population of 23.000 population. I Thousand Island Districtof DKI Jakarta. This sample size uses the purposive sampling of resident live in SepaIsland before ecotourismand after ecotourism with variable Economic Sustainability, Social Culture Sustainability, Environment Sustainability and Quality of Life. Conclusion of the research are There are significant differences between Economic Sustainability, Socio-cultural and Environmentfactorwith t-test andp-value significanton clusters without (before) ecotourismand with(after) ecotourismin terms of education,employment,andmonthly incomeofrespondents. However, therewereno differencesin terms of Quality of Life.