IMPLEMENTATION OF SCHOOL ZONATION SYSTEM POLICY(Study on the Problematics of New Student Admission Systems in Blitar City)

  • Sulistyo Anjarwati Program Studi Ilmu Administrasi Negara, Universitas Islam Balitar
  • Rochmat Program Studi Ilmu Administrasi Negara, Universitas Islam Balitar
Keywords: Implementation, Policy, New Student Admission System


This study is to knowthe response of the Blitar city community in the problematic of the new student admission system known as the zoning system. The zoning system policy has been implemented in Blitarcity by providing75% opportunity for prospective students in the school zone, about25% is taken based ongrades and 5% for special wayssuch as following the duties of parents as state officials. The problem in this research is related to the implementation of the school zoning system policy in Blitar city which has the aim so that researchers know the implementation of what has been done by the school by implementingthe zoning system policy in Blitar city. This type of research is qualitative research conducted at SMPN in Blitarcity. The process of collecting data in this study uses several alternatives including interviews, documentation and observation. The types of data usedin this study are primary and secondary data. The results of the study mentioned that some people are still unfamiliar with the system being treated by the zoning system. The existence of pros and contract implementation because because students who have achievement being able tostudy only have 25% chanceentering to the favourite school.