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Keywords: Sustainable Tourism, Triple Helix, Quintuple Helix, Septuple Helix.


This study aims to analyze the sustainable development of tourism village in an emerging country. This study applies descriptive qualitative with the objects are the tourism village of Ponggok, KlatenRegency, Central Java Province, Indonesia. The data collection isundertaken using in-depth interview and field observation. The informants are the parties related to tourism policies and supporting stakeholders (i.e., government, university, industry, tourism management, society, media, and tourism community). This study reveals the innovation model of the tourism village. The management of tourism village in Ponggok is undertaken by village-owned enterprises collaborated and cooperated with the academicians/consultants, government, industry sector, media, society, investor, tourism partner to transform village of Ponggok from the poor to be the rich village. The theory contribution in this study is the development model of the quintuple helix to be a septuple helix, especially the development of the village.