Job Satisfaction, OrganizationalCulture andQuality of Work Life and Employee Engagement: thecase of PT. Granitoguna Building Ceramics

  • Retno Purwani Setyaningrum Faculty of Management, Pelita BangsaUniversity, Cikarang
Keywords: ob Satisfaction;Organizational Culture;Quality of Work Life;Employee Engagement.


In human resource management studies, study of employee engagement has become importantbecause employee engagement provides so many benefits for companies. The more employees feel attached to the company, the more creative and enthusiasticemployees will bein working and exerting all their abilities to meet company goals. Thepurpose of this study was to determine the effect of job satisfaction, organizational culture and quality of work life on the employee engagement variable at PT.GranitogunaBuilding Ceramics.Research datawas collected using the method of observation and questionnaire, utilizing a saturated sample of 51 respondents who were office employees at PT.GranitogunaBuilding Ceramics. The data analysis technique used was multiple linear regression analysisto prove the research hypotheses. Data that has fulfilled the validity, reliability, and classic assumption test wasthen processed to get the regression equation.Based on the results of research and discussion,it could be concluded that the variablesof job satisfaction, organizational culture and quality of work life havea positive and significant effect on the variable employee engagement at PT.GranitogunaBuilding Ceramics.