The Dynamics of Local Government Regulation of No Smoking Area in Blitar City: Between Opportunities and Challenges

  • Weppy Susetiyo Program Studi Ilmu Hukum, Fakultas Hukum,Universitas Islam Balitar,Blitar,Indonesia
  • Mukhammad Taufan Perdana Putra Program Studi Ilmu Hukum, Fakultas Hukum,Universitas Islam Balitar,Blitar,Indonesia
Keywords: Prohibition ofSmoking in the Office, Local GovernmentRegulation of Blitar KTR, The Danger of Cigarettes.


The regulation of no-smoking area(KTR) in Blitar City, based onits development, thedemand for local government regulation(Perda) on cigarettes also seems to be the enthusiasm of the people in the current reality, mainly related to the prohibition of smoking in offices. The purpose of this study is to make new findings as positive thingsto maximize the role and function of government in implementing of no smokingarea(KTR)law in Blitar City. This research attempts to describe how is the review of Blitar’s nonsmoking local government regulations on smoking practices in the office. The research method in this study uses qualitative data which obtained through literature study enriched by empiricaldata that occurs in the field. Whereas the juridicalnormative approach aims to solvethe problem by making the Local GovernmentRegulation of Blitar CityofKTR as a starting point for analysis that leads to conclusions. The results showed that the LocalGovernment Regulation of KTR in Blitar City still requires a process that is not simple. Even though KTR as an engineering tool to change the pattern of smoking-free communities in any placesto be a community that follows the KTR, but policy makers from Legal Drafter to other government apparatus, must remain consistent in exploring and finding harmony between the interests of the government and society.