Local Wisdom Based Education Comicsas a Media for Student Literacy Learning

  • Ayu Wulandari Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, TidarUniversity, Magelang
  • Theresia Pinaka Ratna Ning Hapsari Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, TidarUniversity, Magelang
Keywords: Comics, Local wisdom, Learning media, Literacy


The most important, basic literacy are literacy in reading and writing. In reality, the literacy in reading on students in Indonesia is quite alarming. This can be seen from the PISA and PIRLS data which examine the reading capability of students in Indonesia. Educative learning media based on local wisdom are important to support literacy learning. This study aims to describe the steps of developing local wisdom-based educational comics as a medium for student literacy learning. The type of this research is research and development (R&D). The study was conducted using the Bogg and Gall development model in Sukmadinata. This research was conducted in April 2020. The data analysis technique used is descriptive analysis. The results of the research of the development in educational comics based on local wisdom described in stages, those are (1) conducting research and data collection, (2) planning the manufacture of products, and (3) developing a draft product in the form of a local wisdom-based educational comic