• Nuria Reny Hariyati D III Farmasi/Akademi Farmasi Surabaya, Surabaya
Keywords: Digital Skills Concept, Pharmacy Student, Reading Comprehension


The purpose of this study was to document the impact of the Digital Skills Concept on society 5.0 for pharmacy students who use, manage, and learn digital skills in the reading classroom. In the era of society 5.0 which focuses on users of digital innovation, we really hope that people in this era will become people who are good at mastering digital technology. For pharmacy students, the process of designing, implementing, and writing a culminating project is an important part of using digital technology for learning. These projects typically require students to direct their own learning and to manage setbacks, obstacles, and challenges that arise. During the COVID-19 pandemic, pharmacy students must undergo a learning experience that prioritizes the use of digital technology. For three weeks, pharmacy students from the Indonesian language course completed an experimental project from the lecturer with another research project and in the third week they completed an online questionnaire consisting of demographic questions and three open-ended questions about their experiences using digital technology during reading while learning. The analysis involved several Likert scales with a score of 1 to 5 which resulted in categories and themes. At each stage, the researcher analyzed to produce categories and themes that emerged through several class discussions. Our survey respondents described the impact of their peak project progress in five main categories: LMS proficiency increased 5% , browsing proficiency increased 15%, presentation proficiency increased 8%, video conferencing proficiency increased 7%, and brainstorming proficiency increased 5%.The five categories of impacts that emerged from our participant responses may be useful for pharmacy program managers to consider in reviewing their program's response to the use of digital technology in the era of society 5.0 and making future plans to provide academic continuity in crisis situations as well as re-evaluating priorities and structures and support pharmacy students who are learning Indonesian as a whole moving forward.