• I Putu Gede Abdi Sudiatmika Computer System, Informatic and Computer ,ITB Stikom Bali, Denpasar
  • Komang Hari Santhi Dewi Computer System, Informatic and Computer ,ITB Stikom Bali, Denpasar
  • A.A. Raka Jayaningsih Information System, Informatic and Computer ,ITB Stikom Bali, Denpasar
  • Wayan Widya Artana Computer System, Informatic and Computer ,ITB Stikom Bali, Denpasar
Keywords: Android,Firebase,Jetpack,Thesis_guidence,ITB_stikom_bali


The final project or thesis is a scientific work compiled by a student at each university. The STIKOM Bali Institute of Technology and Business in the lecture process also requires students to make a final project as one of the requirements for student graduation. In the face-to-face guidance process, students take notes using a progress guidance card from the guidance carried out. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a change in the learning paradigm in all fields, one of which is the thesis guidance process. In practice, this final project guidance activity is carried out by discussing, asking questions, providing input and other activities. However, the lecturer as a one-time supervisor does not only guide one student. Thesis guidance which was initially carried out face-to-face had to be done online either by using an online meeting platform or by using the existing system at ITB Stikom Bali, but the system was built using the website at the link id/guidance.aspx is only limited to supervising lecturers and part of the Study Program, not accessible to students. In face-to-face guidance and online media students will take notes using a guidance card manually, from that problem the researcher intends to create a guidance card application that can be accessed online and in real time. With Firebase, application developers can focus on developing applications without having to buy a server that is quite expensive. Firebase has conveniences such as google authentication, realtime database, push notification, and cloud computing services. Based on the results of calculations from the Likert scale, the authors conclude that the level of user satisfaction in terms of benefits ranges from 88.5% which is categorized as satisfied, in terms of effectiveness, it is obtained 91.1% which is categorized as very satisfied, in terms of interface, it is obtained 86.5% which is categorized as very satisfied and in terms of content, 89% were categorized as very satisfied