• Administrator
  • Muhammad Takdir
  • Sri Rahayu Juniati
  • Manan Sailan
  • Baso Jabu
  • Faisal Sahing
  • Sakrawandi
Keywords: Information Technology-Based Services


Administrative information systems in recent years have often been used in business companies, this can be used as an example within the scope of government because along with the development of technology and communication, it will be a solution to existing problems. The need for good and correct administration in every organization aims to maximize work results and speed up the delivery of information within the organization.(Rahmawati and Fatmawati 2020). This research has revealed the quality and effectiveness of the use of information technology in village administration services in the Sinjai district. As for the utilization of information technology that is used for village administration services, namely SIPADES, which is the Village Asset Management System that uses an application for recording village asset administration by the mandate of Permendagri 1/2016 concerning village asset management, SISKEUDES, which is an application used for village financial administration. SIMKad Desa is an application that supports village governments in integrating the Population Database. The indicators in service are Responsiveness where the service at the village office has responded well to village residents regarding service matters, as for the following indicator, Responsibility for service has a sense of responsibility towards villagers in terms of service, and also having an indicator of Accountability for this service that has good ethics towards villagers both in service and not in service.

Author Biographies

Muhammad Takdir

Sinjai Muhammadiyah University

Sri Rahayu Juniati

Sinjai Muhammadiyah University

Manan Sailan

State University of Makassar

Baso Jabu

Makassar State University

Faisal Sahing

Makassar State University


Brawijaya University