• Arif Ferdian
  • Rifdan
  • Haedar Akib
  • Marno Wance
Keywords: Agile Governance, Transformation, Service


Agile governance is a service that is needed today because of the times that utilize IT more. Agile governance without discipline cannot develop, and with discipline without agility, it cannot be competitive.  Agile governance is an effective form of service transformation to provide convenience to the community, but in reality, there are still obstacles, especially related to human resources. They tend to slow down services on the grounds that files are piling up and leaders are not yet in place. Therefore, this study aims to analyze the implementation of agile governance at the Palopo City Land Office. The researcher uses a qualitative approach that is descriptive in nature, namely to find out or describe the reality of the events under study. Data collection techniques include interviews, observation, and documentation. The data analysis technique used is the NVIVO 12 application. Based on the research results, agile governance applied in government agencies still faces several obstacles. Agile governance was first implemented in the business world to accelerate services by considering citizens as customers. But the government sector, especially the land agency, is a civil society that must be served without taking into account material benefits. Agile governance still has shortcomings, especially in the application of applications that have not all been accepted by the community. The services provided by staff still cause classic problems such as slow processes, family systems, and the provision of money as a means of accepting files.

Author Biographies

Arif Ferdian

Public Administration Doctoral Study Program, Makassar State University,  Andi Djemma University, Indonesia


Doctoral Lecturer in Public Administration, Makassar State University, Indonesia

Haedar Akib

Doctoral Lecturer in Public Administration, Makassar State University, Indonesia

Marno Wance

Government Science Study Program, Pattimura University, Indonesia