• Siti Mutia Kosassy
  • Adelse Prima Mulya
  • Fitri Yasmeardi
  • Siti Osa Kosassy
  • Dian Rizke
Keywords: Family, Management, Nursing Homes, Satisfaction


The management of nursing homes plays a crucial role in ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of both residents and their families. This study aims to describe the satisfaction of families with nursing home management. The research explores various factors that influence family satisfaction with the management of nursing homes, providing insights to improve the quality of care in long-term care facilities. A survey-based research design was employed, and data were collected from family members of nursing home residents across diverse geographic locations. The structured questionnaire, developed through literature review and expert consultation, assessed family perceptions using Likert scale and open-ended questions. Data analysis involved descriptive statistics, including means and standard deviations. Preliminary findings indicate moderate overall family satisfaction with nursing home management. Key factors influencing satisfaction include staff responsiveness, care quality, communication, facility cleanliness, safety measures, and organizational management. Areas for improvement include staff-patient ratio and family involvement in care planning and decision-making. The study emphasizes the need for staff training, effective communication channels, increased family involvement, and continuous quality improvement initiatives. The results have implications for nursing home administrators, policymakers, and healthcare professionals seeking to enhance the quality of care provided in nursing homes, thereby improving overall resident and family satisfaction.

Author Biographies

Siti Mutia Kosassy

Faculty Of Nursing and Public Health, Prima Nusantara University, Bukittinggi, Indonesia

Adelse Prima Mulya

Departmen Community Health Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung, Indonesia

Fitri Yasmeardi

STIA LPPN Padang, Padang, Indonesia

Siti Osa Kosassy

STIA LPPN Padang, Padang, Indonesia

Dian Rizke

STIA LPPN Padang, Padang, Indonesia